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    Sourcing Center
              Sourcing Center  
    Since 1997, Wonder Ace Technology Development Group has provided manufacturing and sourcing solutions from China. We have offices in USA, Hong Kong Singapore, Suzhou, Shenzhen; Wonder Ace Technology Development Group covers China with unparalleled engineering and sourcing capabilities. We choose the best factories, use our own engineers to supervise tooling and production, and deliver to your location according to your schedule.
    We offer custom-engineered components including metal parts, plastic parts, motors, rubber parts, Electro-Mechanical parts, PCB and FPC etc. From 2005, we start to provide complete product, for instance, computer connector, energy saving lamp, valves, toy etc.
    Our Service package includes:
    ·Factory Audit to ISO9001 standards
    ·Factory Selection
    ·Engineering Project Review
    ·Provision and Review of Standards (i.e. ASTM)
    ·On-site Price Negotiation
    ·Language Translation (English <-> Chinese)
     ·Factory Contract Negotiation
    ·On-Site Independent Supervision of Tooling
    ·Independent Laboratory Verification of First Article Submission
    ·On-Site Supervision of Production
    ·Product Liability Insurance
    ·Ocean Shipping and Consolidating
    ·Freight Insurance
    ·Customs Clearance
    ·Surface Shipping
     ·Warehousing for JIT Delivery (optional)

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